Powercast Episode 4: Mammoths and Dwarves


Better late than never! Here’s Powercast Episode 4!

It’s a smaller cast than usual this week, but we still have plenty to chat about. In this episode, we go over the recent news around Mass Effect 3 ending DLC, Dark Souls coming to PC, rumors about the next console generation, and discuss used games and the benefits of PC gaming.

Plus tons of TV talk, including the Game of Thrones season 2 premier, The Legend of Korra, and why Battlestar Galactica was a cluster fuck.

Marshal goes over his recent movie reviews as well as his scoops on news about Magic Teh Gatheringzz, Nick reviews The Hunger games,  bemoan the tween demographic, and we discuss the future or AR and iPhone games. We also discuss the genetics of woolly mammoths.

ANYWAY! Sorry about the late post, but guess that means you get TWO Powercasts this week. See you Friday!

Powercast Episode 4: Mammoths and Dwarves

Download (Right click, save as)

With: Brendan, Nick, Marshal

Length: 1:45.00

Got a question or comment you’d like us to read on the podcast? Email us at askpowercords@gmail.com


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