Path of Exile Beta!

So for the past month or so I have been putting a good chunk of time into Path of Exile. Path of exile is an action role playing game under development by Grinding Gear Games from New Zealand.  Path of Exile is currently in its Beta stage and handing out beta keys to random members every few minutes. They are hoping to be in open Beta soon and then looking to release the game. The game is going to be completely free which is great, it gives people no reason not to at least try it out.

The most interesting things about the game to me are the skill and stat systems they use. There are only 3 different stats; Strength, Intelligence and Dexterity. Each class uses a different combination of these stats and can go a different way in the Passive Skill Tree.

This is only part of the Passive Skill Tree

The way the skill system works is even more interesting. None of the classes have any skills. That sounds weird but the way you have skills is by picking up skill gems and placing them in open slots in your gear. These gems are found from killing monsters or by completing quests. There different style of gems; red, blue and green. Each color represents a stat. Red revolves around strength, blue around intelligence and green for dexterity. They way your skills get stronger is by using them and gaining experience with them. Once the skill gems get higher level they start requiring higher stats based on what the skill is. For example this Fireball skill Gem picture.

Path of Exile is a great game and a ton of fun. I am going to keep playing the beta and continue playing the game once it is officially released. Since the game is going to be completely free I strongly urge everyone to give the game a chance. The only thing this game is going to take from you is time and it is time well spent.

Unfortunately I don’t have a way to capture game play for you all, you can just youtube it. Also here is a link to the pathofxile website I advise you to just take a look.


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