Griselbrand Restored

Earlier today Avacyn’s demon counterpart was finally revealed and it is a card I am absolutely looking forward to. While I am not going to be doing a daily update on spoilers Griselbrand is just too amazing to not talk about immediately.

While Avacyn might not be powerful enough to be a go to finisher Griselbrand most definitely is. Because of his steep casting cost he will probably only really see play in reanimation decks and UB control but for the mana cost he sure does a lot. Imagine playing against Frites and turn four looking at this giant demon on the board. Even if you are able to deal with him your opponent is going to be drawing a handful of new cards, enough that he or she will have to discard some at the end of their turn, throwing back tons of new reanimation targets and more Unburial Rites into the yard.

This guy is going to be incredible in other formats besides Standard as well. While his activated ability is incredibly powerful he is also a 7/7 flying lifelinker. You can bet your ass that you are going to be seeing people Goryo’s Vengeancing him in Modern turn two or three, bashing you for 7, gaining 7, and then paying that 7 to draw a fistful of new cards.

He could also be pretty powerful in Legacy but probably not nearly as much as Modern and Standard. Most Legacy decks rely heavily on Reanimate for creature recursion and paying the 8 life for a creature without shroud or hexproof followed by another 7 for a new hand might not be as worth it as some of the other options out there.

With Griselbrand coming into this block, I am sure we are going to be seeing some BW reanimation shenanigans going on in Block especially with the loss of tokens to the format. While not only dominating Constructed he is going to be an all-star in EDH, with the even larger abundance of life to buy cards with. He is going to be an incredibly strong mono black general as well as making his way into most decks that run black. And it’s needless to say that you can expect to him completely abused in Kaalia decks. While Griselbrand is aching to be reanimated I am sure we are going to be seeing him straight-casted often enough in UB Control as well. To be completely honest I expect to see a new surge in the popularity of Solar-Flare which really combines the two deck archetypes into one. Control also leads me to the next card that was released today that I am pretty stoked about.

Temporal Mastery continues to show off the new the border and format of Miracle cards as well as showing off their power. I would definitely expect to see this show up in all control match ups where they would be totally fine paying the Miracle cost for the card but are also able to cast it regularly if need be. I am still not exactly sure how we will see this card play out outside of control decks. I wouldn’t be surprised seeing Delver decks and haunted humans throwing them in for the Miracle costs but with faster, smaller mana base decks like that it could lead to having some dead cards in hand. But than again an extra turn for two is pretty damn powerful and it might definitely be worth the risk. I expect this will probably be pretty powerful in Type 2 but again not nearly as sure about other formats where there are much more card advantage engines, but maybe.

The rest of the new spoilers are somewhat underwhelming in Comparison to these new Mythics but they have shown off that this is going to be a very Angels and Demons styled set. I have always been a big fan of demons and the fact that they are such a perfect example of black but have always felt that they were under utilized, so I am very excited to see a decent amount showing up in AVR. One last card that is worth mentioning is Cloudshift, a one drop white instant that blinks one of your creatures once again hinting at the Helvault mechanic. Because it is white and Soulbound comes off as a very white mechanic it suggests that perhaps that’s what the Helvault is meant to be utilized for. Expect to see a crap ton of these in Birthing Pod decks for a cheap way to retrigger those enter the battlefield abilities!

For the completely list of spoilers check out MTG Salvation and leave your thoughts about these new cards in the comments below!


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