First Batch Of AVR Spoilers

A new handful of spoilers for the upcoming MTG set Avacyn Restored and they show off some of the cool new mechanics of the new set as well as a new badass mythic angel.

Lets start with my personal favorite of the batch, Sigarda, Host of Herons.

I am glad Kyle isn't going to be able to abuse every single angel in this set

“Oh she has hexproof you say, fine I will just make you sac it with Liliana or Geth’s Verdict.”

Sigarda is going to be a pain in the ass to deal with simply because the only way to kill her is going to be with a board wipe and unfortunately the only playable one in type 2 is Day of Judgment. Unlike Avacyn she will most definitely see play in Standard and there’s a good chance she will be showing up as a finisher in some Modern Decks. I wish she didn’t have that pesky green in her casting cost but at least this will bring back WG humans and perhaps some entirely new brew? One way or another she will definitely be squeezing her way into Sideboards to screw over match up against Black decks.

Silverblade Paladin debuts the new keyword Soulbound. While this card itself isn’t too exciting it’s sure to lead to some shenanigans in Humans decks. I am excited to see what else we are going to see done with Soulbound though and perhaps this is the mechanic Helvault has been hinting at? Bouncing a creature whose pair has died and giving it a new one maybe?

Miracle, I love it. There is now an official keyword that goes with top decking things. While getting one of these bad boys in your opening hand is going to suck, it’s going to be a blast (no pun intended) flipping it off the top and burning your opponent for five. Expect to see these showing up in RDW for sure.
After addressing the fact that mechanics from Innistrad and Dark Ascension weren’t going to be carried over into AVR the developers mentioned there being some sort of alteration to card format to make up for the loss of double-sided cards and perhaps this is it? If you look at the top of the card the border has some alterations, perhaps a trait unique to cards with Miracle? I am not completely sure what the reasoning for this is but look forward to finding out.

There are a couple more new cards spoiled so far but nothing too exciting other than an angel that blinks one of your creatures again returning to that reoccurring mechanic here. For a complete list of all spoiled cards so far check out the spoiler page at MTG Salvation. Stay tuned for upcoming spoilers and cards to look out for!


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