Avacyn Revealed

The first card from the upcoming Avacyn Restored Magic the Gathering card set has been revealed and it is fittingly Avacyn herself.

So far all we know about this set is it will have much more of a white feel compared to Innistrad’s and Dark Ascension’s black style and theme. This block is more comparable in a design sense to the Zendikar block compared to the Scars block in the sense that this is a large set, meaning it is drafted individually from other two sets. It is also comparable to the Zendikar block in the sense that the second set of both blocks has released a mythic rare which at the time of release was relatively useless until later once the last set was released. Both mythics served as a hint to the upcoming themes and mechanics of the third set. Helvault was released in the last set, Dark Ascension and hints to some mechanic that will be featured in this next set. Unfortunately the reveal of Avacyn doesn’t quite address the use of Helvault just yet but she is hands down a powerful Timmy card which undoubtedly will see tournament play in both constructed and limited.

While she definitely is no Elesh Norn, reanimating her could be very effective. According to the lore of the set the Helvault was used to trap both Avacyn as well as a powerful demon named Griselbrand so expect a big black mythic counterpart to this angel. This might be a good time to start stocking up on your Unburial Rites because decks like Frites and Solar Flare just got a card that will make them quite a bit more deadly. Stay tuned for more Avacyn Restored news as well as cards to keep your eye’s on!


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