Just who is this Kurt Ballou fella, anyway?

If you’re paying attention, you’re probably aware that a large majority of the great metal albums released in the past few years have been produced by Kurt Ballou. If you’ve unfamiliar, Kurt is the mastermind behind Godcity Studios, as well as the guitarist for the legendary band Converge. He’s now become one of the biggest names in metal and extreme music, recording and producing albums for some of the biggest and freshest names in metal and hardcore. In fact, in this past month alone a handful of albums he produced debuted, including the most recent records from Black Breath, and High on Fire.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering about this guy — be it as a person, his work with converge, or his Godcity engineering and producing — you should really watch the interview Scion A/V did with him recently. Actually, watch it regardless. It’s long, but it’s a very interesting and in-depth look at Burt Ballou and how he works. And after you check that out, scroll down and watch another rad video, this time a guided of a tour Godcity Studios (again brought to you Scion A/V. Can I just say, Scion’s support for the metal scene and culture is extremely cool).

Personally, Mr. Ballou is probably the biggest reason I listen to extreme music these days. To be honest, my interest in Converge isn’t as deep as others, but I find the music he writes to be inspiring and powerful. It’s his producorial and sound engineering work is what I am so passionate about. In fact, if it wasn’t for bands like Trap Them and Kvelertak and Kurt’s amazing work with these types of bands, I probably wouldn’t be listening to the bands I am today. In addition to the aforementioned Trap Them, Kvelertak, High on Fire, and Black Breath, his work with other groups like Doomriders, The Secret, and All Pigs Must Die are still some of my favorite pieces of music.

It’s come to the point now to where I see the words “Godcity Studio” or “Kurt Ballou” attached to a project, I become immediately interested. I am extremely thankful the underground extreme music scene has Kurt and people like him to define and refine the sound of metal and hardcore for our generation. Any fan of heavy music owes quite a bit to this man.


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