It’s Official! Anchorman 2 is Happening

Ever since the release of Anchorman in 2004 rumors have been flying around about sequels and the return of Ron Burgundy. After years of these rumors turning out false and our last little hope for a sequel quickly dying it has now been officially announced. This Wednesday Will Ferrell visited Conan O’ Brien’s TBS talk show once again taking on his role of Ron Burgundy and officially announcing the upcoming release. Whether or not Burgundy will be accompanied by the entirety of his trusty news crew has yet to be announced. Anchorman 2 will be directed by Adam McKay, director of the first film, as well as being produced by Judd Apatow. The actual story and script are still being worked on McKay and Ferrell. Check out the clip below!


3 thoughts on “It’s Official! Anchorman 2 is Happening

  1. I was skeptical when i hear about this, but the moment I saw Will Ferrel effortlessly channel back into Ron Burgundy, I was sold. At least, I’m now cautiously optimistic. Hopefully, it will at least come close to the original.

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