Powercast Episode 3 is Here!

We’re back! New, improved, and better grooves. On this week’s main segment, we discuss some awesome recent happenings on the site; how excited we are for Hawken; the Diablo 3 and the Paths to Exile betas; we weigh in on the Mass effect 3 ending; talk about SWTOR, WoW, and MMO news; touch on Flash and browser games, and gush about how awesome The Grey was.

And in this week’s newly minted second segment, “The Power Hour,” we talk about old TV shows, and spend a bunch of time talking about Star Wars and George Lucas, … and maybe some more Mass Effect talk. Many laughs will be had! Listen and enjoy!

Powercast Episode 3: Mass Rejection

Download! (Right-click, save as)

With: Brendan, Nick, Kyle, Marshal, Evan, Connor

Total Time: 2:04.59

Music: Mass Effect Official Soundtrack – “The End Run”

Send us your questions, comments, emails to: askpowercords@gmail.com and we’ll read them on the podcast!

(Don’t want the Power hour segment? here’s the ‘cast sans Power Hour [1:06.46 hours] Download)


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