“The Greatest Album Ever Recorded by Anyone, Ever”

Upon announcement of the Sasquatch Music Festival artist line-up several people were surprised to see Tenacious D as one of the headliners of the event. Its been six years now since The Pick of Destiny was released so rumors of something new in the works preceding the event have been going around. Earlier this week Tenacious D posted a new video debuting their new song “To Be the Best”. This video shows what The D has been up to since The Pick of Destiny released in 2006 and with cameos from Josh Groban, Dave Grohl, Tim Robbins, and Val Kilmer it reassures us they are back and awesome as ever. Their new album is titled Rize of the Fenix and it is coming out on May 15th. If you aren’t excited you should be, because it is supposedly “the greatest album ever recorded by anyone, ever”.


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