Another BEREFT track review, “The Coldest Orchestra.”

Another new track from doom metal band BEREFT is here. If you read my previous track review, or have been following the news about this band, you probably already know plenty about these guys. For those who don’t, BEREFT are a dark and crushing doom metal project formed by the likes of Sacha Dunable (Intronaut/Graviton), Derek Rydqvist (ex- The Faceless), Charles Elliot (Abysmal Dawn), and Derek Donley (Notional Sunday Law/Graviton).

That’s a pretty badass resume, if I do say so myself.

With the release of their debut LP Leichenhaus just around the corner, BEREFT have another new track to stream at

This new song is called “The Coldest Orchestra,” and if you’ve listened to “Withered Effloresence” you know what to expect: somber and forlorn melodies, guttural vocals, massive riffs with a heavy guitar tone, and a dark atmosphere with traces of post-metal, psychedelic rock, and death metal thrown in. What’s more, the grooves on “The Coldest Orchestra” will get your head bobbing. The fuzzed out bass line part way through the track, while simple, creates an effective shift in tone.

One thing I’m noticing about these guys is how seamlessly they can take their music from subdued and spacey, to beastial and crushing. Their songs are highly detailed and textured — there’s so much going on in every moment of the two tracks they’ve released that I’m still finding something new, even after dozens of listens. You can also hear how “Withered” will flow directly into the intro section on “Orchestra” if listened in succession.

Bottom line, this is another awesome track from BEREFT. Personally, I think I like this new track better than ‘Withered Effloresence,” but just barely.

In a year filled with so many promising albums from a bevy of well-established bands and musicians, it’s extremely refreshing to have my most anticipated album be a debut from a new, albeit highly-experienced, band like BEREFT.

Leichenhaus will be released on April 24th via The End Records, preorder it here. Stream “The Coldest Orchestra” here, and “Withered Effloresence” here.


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