Thoughts on Chronicle

Pwrcords contributor Kyle recently went and saw the new film Chronicle. It’s a ‘found-footage’ super hero flick centered around a group of young guys with super abilities, definitely the kind of thing up the Pwrcords crew’s alley. After some thought on the movie, Kyle’s here to share his opinions on Chronicle:

Alright so Nick and I just went to go see the new movie Chronicle, and I didn’t know what to expect.

I knew it was about some guys that get super powers, and that one of them ends up letting the new abilities get to him.  I had also heard that it was supposed to be really good from a few friends. So, with that knowledge, I went to go see the flick.

After watching the movie, Nick and I traded our thoughts on it. I wracked my brain for something that I didn’t like about it; I deliberated on if there was a scene they could have left out, or if there were plot points missing, but I couldn’t think of anything.

I feel they did a good job at showing what needed to be seen. I think my favorite aspect of the movie was the way it was filmed. They were very creative with the different camera angles and the different cameras they included to film it from. My favorite scene would have to be one that happens towards the end where you watch the action through the perspective of a dash cam on a cop car. All together the movie was great in my opinion, granted Chronicle is exactly the kind of movie I tend to enjoy, so I may be a little biased. Plus, it was filmed in Seattle which is only a few short hours away from where I live, so I almost have to like it.

All things considered, Chronicle is a great movie, and one I would definitively recommend.

You can check out more on Chronicle here, and watch the trailer below.


7 thoughts on “Thoughts on Chronicle

  1. I really need to go see this. I had no idea it even existed and after reading this and watching the trailer, I’m interested.

    And I thought I was over the whole “found-footage” craze. Guess not!

      1. It wasn’t too bad actually my friend! I watched it at the cinema when it originally came out when I was younger, so it was nice for the nostalgia! The 3D effects were good, but the lightsaber sequences seemed rather shoddy. It was very entertaining however! And it’s certainly worth a watch 🙂 Time to go see Chronicle now after your recommendation!

  2. I just went and watched the Phantom Menace yesterday. I actually enjoyed watching Chronicle more because it was something new that I hadn’t seen before. Don’t get me wrong it was totally worth it to go watch Star Wars in 3D.

      1. I really don’t have much desire to see PM again. I don’t mean to sound too “anti-Lucas” but I just don’t think he came close to replicating the magic he made with the first three (hell, let’s call it like it is: first two) films. Ohhhhh wellll….

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