New layout, site changes

Hello, friends!

As you can probably tell, we’ve had a big change here at We’ve completely upgraded and overhauled out blog deisgn, offering a sleeker, better organized, and more appealing design. Here’s a quick over view of the changes:

  • The latest posts from each category are displayed on a tab section at the top of the page, so you can easily click to see what’s new in each one. There’s also a sidebar menu where you can easily access all the posts in any given category.
  • Beneath that, you will find the next most recent posts in ‘Gaming’ and ‘Music’, which are our most frequently used categories, both in terms of views and posts.
  • Below that, the 11 most recent posts — regardless of category — are displayed in blog format for easy browsing.
  • We now have an ‘Other’ tab, that will be used for anything we post that isn’t a part of the other categories. That doesn’t mean it’s not important, just that whatever the post is about hasn’t been talked about enough to warrant an entire new category.
  • We’ve removed the ‘Comics’ section; or, more appropriately, consolidated the (very few posts) from the topic into the other categories. We did this because most of the posts in the ‘Comics’ category had little or nothing to do with comics, but rather movies, gaming, etc. What few posts had relevant information to comics still reside in the “other” tab. We may decided to bring back the category if we find a need to, but for now we won’t be using it.

That’s it for now. You may notice more changes as the weeks go on, but for now you can expect our layout to remain like this. And please, let us know if something isn’t working or doesn’t look right — we’re still getting used to these new tools, so some things may not be perfect. Anywho, the new layout is just one of the exciting new things we have coming for you all, so stay tuned!


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