Ruminating on Diablo 3’s release date

by Kyle

With all this recent news surrounding Blizzard’s upcoming Diablo 3 in the past few weeks, yet still no confirmed release date, fans have been looking for any clues as to when to expect this long-awaited sequel. Kyle takes a look:

There’s been a lot of talk in the gaming community lately about the release date of Diablo 3. The game has never had an official release date, but some recent events have caused rumors to spread about an immenint release.

Diablo 3 was supposed to be released sometime late 2011, with people speculating it would be around Christmas. Then Bashiok (aka, Micah Whiple, Blizzard’s Diablo 3 community manager) came out and announced that we wouldn’t see D3 until at least the first quarter of 2012. To me this was no big deal; I actually applaud Blizzard for holding their game back and making sure it is perfect, unlike others who would rather the game just come out and patch it later.

A few weeks ago Best Buy leaked photos of a February release date with a midnight release party and all. That really got my hopes up, and excited for the game to be released. That was quickly shot down by a Tweet sent out by Bashiok who denied it.

Just recently, a patch came out for the Diablo 3 Beta. This patch was HUGE for the game development as many aspects of the patch completely changed the game.

There is no longer the Cauldron of Jordan or the Nephalem Cube in the game which kept the players fighting monsters and not doing inventory management by allowing them to sell or break down extra items in their inventory.

They have removed Scrolls of Identification — something I was a little bummed about but it isn’t going to make a huge difference in the end.

They made a few other changes, but the biggest one they made was completely redoing the stat system. Diablo 3 characters are going to now use Dexterity, Intellect, Strength, and Vitality. They got rid of Attack, Defense and Precision.

Anyway, back on the topic of when the game is going to be released. I hope that Best Buy is right and the game is coming out the first part of February. Given the evidence, however, I don’t see that happening due to the release of this recent patch. I see them wanting to make sure that this new character system is going to work and that there isn’t any issues with it, such as imbalanced classes. Based off of what we’ve seen, I would suggest that the game will hopefully come out late March or even April.


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