New Cancer Bats song debuts, hits number 1 on Scuzz TV top 20!

–By Brendan

Another Twitter find! Cancer bats, one of my personal favorite hardcore punk bands, have a new single out. It debuted at number 1 on Scuzz TV as well aparently, though I’m not entirely sure what Scuzz TV is…

A quick google search informs me that Scuzz TV is “the UK’s most popular Rock and Metal TV station.” That’s pretty big, I’m glad to hear these dudes are getting that kind of recognition. A new Cancer Bats is on the way for this yes as well, which just makes 2012 all the more awesome. Serisouly, as long as all this new music comes out before December 20, 2012, the world can totally end then. I’d blink out of existence with a smile on my face, and rad tunes in my ears.

Anyway. Listen to the new track above (not the best quality, I know), and check out Cancer Bats on their Facebook page!


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