Understand SOPA/PIPA, take action [UPDATED]

–By Brendan

Even though we said earlier in the week that SOPA had been finished… it’s right back again. So, what do we do? As a blog, a consumer of media, and fan of many great entertainment websites — and the internet in general — these bills worry me.

I understand and wholeheartedly support ideas that will stop piracy that damages and destroys the industries I love, and the people whose livelihood depend on them.

But SOPA and PIPA are the wrong ideas.

Wikipedia has blacked out in protest of the bills, and Google has a joined in as well, giving users an easy form to fill out, contacting their state’s legislators, and censoring their own iconic logo. Many other websites have employed their own protest tactics in response to this further pressure by congress to put these bills int motion.

Please watch the video above by the awesome guys at New Left Media, and PLEASE, email and/or call your state legislators urging them not to support these bills. It’s easy, just go here. If you care about the internet and the means of communication and entertainment it offers, then join in with the likes of Google and Wikipedia, and make your voice heard.

[UPDATE] Yet another thing you can do, and won’t take more than a few second, sign this petition and urge President Obama to veto SOPA.


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