Microsoft CES reactions:

–By Brendan

So did you watch the Microsoft CES conference, or at least follow it?

Windows 8, Kinect for Windows, Sesame Street, family content, blah blah blah…

Personally, I wasn’t that impressed. Not a single mention of Xbox 720, and it was almost as if they intentionally avoided anything gaming-related (what was all that fuss with the Sesame St. stuff? “This is NOT a game!” Woah… okay there, buddy…)

Anyway, it was a let down. At least we heard those impressive numbers about Xboxes shipped and the number of active Xbox Live Gold accounts (sounthing like 40 million, if I remember correctly). All things considered, for it being Microsofts ‘final’ CES appearance, it was pretty lackluster.

I’m still curious to see what other news comes from the show, but Microsoft set us out to a rather boring start. Oh well, maybe Sony will impress? Otherwise, it’s 6 months until E3 I suppose…

What’d you guys think?


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