The New Every Time I Die video is crazy!

–By Brendan

So yesterday I caught up on some of 2012’s upcoming releases from a bunch of great bands. I mentioned that Every Time I Die had released a teaser for their new album, and now they’ve released a new video for the single “Under Water Bimbos from Outer Space.”

The video is pretty nuts; if you’re a bit squeamish or sensitive to disturbing stuff, you might want to skip it (they showcase a lot of mentally handicapped patients and war-time executions in some of the scenes, but only briefly.)

But damn dude, the song is pretty great. A very dark and angry Every Time I Die. It sounds a lot like New Junk Aesthetic in terms of composition, but I think Andy Williams’ tours with Trap Them might have rubbed off, in a very good way. I can’t wait to hear Ex Lives in its entirety when it’s released on March 6.


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