He is Legend no longer on hiatus, will record new album for 2012!

–By Brendan

This is exciting news! The experimental southern rock/stoner metal/post-hardcore band He is Legend are no longer on hiatus, and will be recording a new album slated for release in 2012, as reported by Lambgoat, and tweeted by frontman Schuylar Croom.

He is Legend have not recorded or toured since 2009’s It Hates You.

He is legend is one of those bands that never really made a huge splash, but totally deserved to. They popped up durring that whole “southern hardcore/christcore” wave, and because they were signed by one of the big labels of that scene, got lumped together with some pretty lame bands and were never fully given a chance, despite having little to nothing in common with those bands. Just a matter of wrong place, wrong time.

In reality, they play a dark, and super heavy mix of  catchy rock hooks, bluesy melodies, walled in by an enormously heavy stoner metal guitar tone. The slightly morbid tone of He is Legend gives a very unique sound and eccentricity to their music — something I look for in music these days. Check He is Legend out here, or stream their entire catalog on Spotify!

I’m excited to here about the new record. He is legend are among those few bands I’ve always loved since I first heard them, and I hope this record gets them the following they deserve. How about you guys?


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