To play or not to play: An MMOs hater’s SWTOR dilemma

–By Brendan

I don’t like MMOs. I liked Guild Wars, and Guild wars 2 looks promising, but compared to games like Everquest and World of Warcraft, it’s a very different type of game.

I tried to play WoW, made it to level 40 or 50 on a Bloodelf whatchamacallit, then called it quits.

I gave Final fantasy XI a shot, but the grind was too much, and I hadn’t really found a good group to play with, so once again I called it a day.

do, however, like Bioware RPGs — Knights of the Old Republic and the Mass Effect series especially (the Dragonage series was kinda ‘meh’ for me). With those two truths nagging at my mind, I find myself torn: is SWOTOR the first MMO for me, or just another grinding mill of boredom?

The two things I always want out of a game, RPGs especially, is exploration and story. I’m very much a story line kind of guy, whereas fellow Power Cords contibutor Kyle (who already owns the game) is more of a ‘get to the action’ sort of player. SWTOR seems to be geared towards both play styles, and that excites me. It evens seems that soloing is quite so ridiculous as it can be in other MMOs. The idea that you can play through a bunch of Bioware-style story arcs, and group up with other players to experience their stories as well, is what I always thought on MMO would be like.

I’ve been watching live streams and such, and really making sure that this game is right for me. I don’t want to jump in and have the game let me down. So far, though, watching people play and reading about player’s experiences has been a pretty good indicator that I’ll enjoy this game. No boring auto attacking, a huge emphasis on story, full voice acting, and a very strong KOTOR-esque atmosphere has got me interested. Even the Star Fox style space combat has me intrigued. Plus, the familiar Star Wars setting is something that excites me, as it seems to pull more so from the original trilogy, and not the lack luster prequels.

So there’s my thoughts. As a guy whose historically been disappointed by my experiences with MMOs in the past, SWTOR seems to offer something very different. I look forward to jumping in and playing The Old Republic soon.

We’d also love to hear about your SWTOR experiences. There are several writers of this blog besides myself who are still waiting to see if they’ll be jumping in or not.

Tell us about your SWTOR experiences!

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