The Hobbit Trailer is finally here!

–By Brendan

Being that Lord of the Rings are 1) my favorite movies probably of all time, andt 2) they’re the only true fantasy movie I actually enjoy and don’t find silly, I’m excited to see a return to this world.

Personally, I think the mood of the trailer and the clips shown give off a very “Fellowship of the Ring” feeling; introducing character, establishing the story, etc. but at this point it’s still a small adventure — the big picture has yet to unfurl. The big battles that are at the end of The Hobbit book won’t be seen until the second movie, which in my mind is good. LOTR’s format eased us into the epic battles and lore, and the hobbit looks to do the same. I’m very excited to see what these movies will bring.

What about you?


2 thoughts on “The Hobbit Trailer is finally here!

  1. The Hobbit and the LOTR trilogy are my favorite books and movies of all time. To say that I am excited over this movie is an understatement. I am counting down the days to December 14, 2012! I have been watching Peter Jackson’s video blogs from the set of The Hobbit and get more and more excited for the movie each time I see one. I’m very excited about the fact that it will be in 3D. I don’t always like movies in 3D but I think putting this movie in 3D is a great choice and will make it that much more enthralling.

    1. Oh yeah! I have avoided 3D movies entire, Avatar included. But I’ve made up my mind the The Hobbit will be the first movie I see in 3D, and I’m certain it will only add to the experience!

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