Best Music Videos of the year!

–By Brendan

So, you now know what my favorite albums of the year were, right? Well, I thought I’d go ahead and share with you guys my favorite music videos of the year, too! Click on through to see great videos from the likes of Protest the Hero, Mastodon, and more! Oh, and there’s boobs, too.

Protest the Hero — “Hair Trigger”

Off the band’s Scurrilous album which came out this year (and ranked and my 3rd favorite release of the year overall), the video for “Hair trigger” is my favorite music video this year. It shows off the band’s energetic and creative personality. In fact, each Protest the Hero video they’ve ever made has been great. I’d even go so far as to say they make the best music videos in metal right now. Watch below:

Red Fang — “Wires”

I have a soft spot for Red Fang. Not only are they fellow Portlanders, they also make good music that is a blast to listen to. Red Fang’s video for “Prehistoric Dog”(shown above) off their 2008 self titled debut began their tradition of awesome music videos, pitting them against angry LARPers in a Portland, OR park, and making armor out of beer cans. Their latest video is for the song “Wires’ of this year’s Murder the Mountains, and it features the band crashing into things with a car (and a sweet cameo by Brian Posehn). Simple idea, flawless execution. Rumor has it these guys are working on another video for “Hank is Dead”. I can’t wait!

Mastodon — “Curl of the Burl”

While their latest album The Hunter was a mix of new and old in terms of Mastodon’s sound, the video for the song “Curl of the Burl” captures the band’s atmosphere perfectly. A bit silly, a bit weird, and totally psychedelic. Also boobs and babes. Check it out:

Protest the Hero — “C’ est La Vie”

Another great video from these guys in the same year? Not surprising, considering they had about a million videos for their last record Fortress. “C’ est la Vie” is also off of their Scurrilous album from this year, and with lyrics dealing with suicide, the video has a more somber tone but still proves that these guys a damn creative. There’s also a noticeable increase in beard-ness compared to “Hair Trigger”.

Amebix — “Knight of the Black Sun”

It should come as no surprise that the first video from the biggest comeback of the last decade (IMO) and also my favorite song off my favorite album of 2011 would be included on this list. The visuals on the video parallel the song’s narrative lyrics, and the visuals offer the perfect companion to the dark-yet-hopeful message behind the music.

So, there you have it! Not a whole lot, I know, but then again not many bands released videos, and of those that did some weren’t that interesting *cough* Graveyard *cough*. I’m still holding out for a rad Black Dahlia Murder video as well. But oh well. What were your favorite videos of the year?


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