Midnight Releases!

–By Kyle

This last week was a great week in the gaming timeline. Two great titles were released; Skyrim and MW3. I waited over an hour in the cold weather to get both games at their midnight releases. 

So, for me MW3 was the first game I actually went to pick up at midnight, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. A few buddies and I went to MW3’s release around 10:30, and just hung out in line. We kept to ourselves for a while, but then the people next to us started talking about D&D and Magic the Gathering, so Nick and I started talking to them about both topics.

We shared stories of our epic D&D adventures, and then started talking about different deck strategies in magic.  Before we knew it, that hour and a half had flown by, and we grabbed our copies of MW3 and went home to play it. Before we left, we got the guys phone number and told him to call us so we could throw down some Magic or start a new D&D campaign. I wasn’t expecting to get a call from him, but what do you know, he called me the other day and wanted to play some magic! I was busy doing school work, so I haven’t had a chance to go play, but I have plans in the next week to do so.

I know most of you won’t care about this story, but I wanted to hear from you guys about your midnight release stories; whether it is from MW3, Skyrim or some other game you waiting in line to pick up.

So comment here, or send us an email @p.chords@yahoo.com!


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