PETA makes Super Mario ripoff in protest Tanooki suit.

–By Brendan

Apparently, those guys over at PETA have created a Super Mario Bros. clone called Super Tanooki Suit 2D, aimed at protesting the use of Tanooki fur in Super Mario 3D Land.

Let me say that again: Anger over fur… In a video game

The game attacks Mario and the creators of the series for promoting the wearing of fur and killing of animals. It plays basically like Mario, but with a message, and not as well done. In a nutshell, you’re a skinned tanooki running after a flying Mario wearing your tattered, bloody skin, collecting blood and mud (shit?) covered coins in a bleak, apocalyptic bastardization of the Mushroom Kingdom…


Remember, these are the same people who were outraged by virtual killing of rats in Battlefield 3. Personally, I think it’s unnecessary and strange to a) get angry over something not only virtual, but entirely unintended to “promote the killing of animals and wearing of fur.” b) attacking a VIDEO GAME CHARACTER for their actions is beyond ridiculous. I realize they’re going after the developers as well and, again, trying to send a message, but this feels idiotic and ironic in the dumbest way.

You can play the game here, but it isn’t very good. Also, if you’re weak of stomach or don’t want to see animals being brutally killed DO NOT watch the video posted below the game. You have been warned…


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