Rumor Mill: ‘Xbox 720’ to be cheaper than 360?

–By Brendan

According to IGN, specs for Microsoft’s new console, which they say is code named “Loop”, have been leaked in a blog post by MS Nerd. According to the post, “Loop” will be both smaller than current 360 consoles and cheaper to manufacture, as well as feature a Zune-HD style hardware setup, and a modifed versions of yet-to-be-revealed Windows 9 operating system. It’s also been stated that these new hardware features are aimed at getting people to buy Kinnect.

Keeping in mind these are just rumors, the idea of a new console — while exciting in principle — doesn’t really rev my gears. We have the Wii U, Playstation Vita, and now the “Loop, but I’m still too busy with the current generation to really care. Plus, a Kinnect focused gamed doesn’t appeal to me.

But maybe it does to you. How do you feel about the new console rumors? Does a new Xbox excite you? Let us know in the comments!


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