$25 PC coming out next month.

— By Brendan

You guys won’t believe this. Apparently, a tiny little computer, know as the Raspberry Pi (clever, ain’t it?) will be released next month and cost only twenty five bucks, according to the device’s official website.

The system is said to run Linux, and will have strong enough hardware for basic and simple functionality. It sports an HDMI output for high-def displays, as well as composite video and a headphone jack.You’ll be able to use any USB device peripheral like mice, keyboards, speakers, microphones, etc. (though it won’t act as a charger for USB devices).  The mini PC will come with fully functional wireless capabilities, and will will run using an AC adapter, or on four AA batteries.

There will also be a $35 dollar model with more storage capacity.

For More information, visit the website here.


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