Battle Field 3 Is It Worth Buying?

–By Kyle

Battle Field 3 is almost out. I have been playing the beta quite a bit since it went out to the public for free, and now, like many of you, I’m stuck wondering: Is the game worth buying? Now, playing through the beta I was getting worried about how many bugs there were in the game. There were things like falling through the ground at points; there were graphical glitches that got in the way of your crosshairs, and quite a few others that I ran into while playing. I later found out that the beta we were all playing was a 3-4 month old version of the game, and that Dice had fixed most all of the problems people were complaining about. Glitches aside the game looks and plays wonderfully.

I’m not going to buy a game solely off of visuals, so let’s talk a bit about the gameplay. Now Battlefield 3 has great team based game modes, but I am more of a lone wolf. If I lose I know it was because of my own fault or that I wasn’t able to do the objective. I don’t mind playing objective based games with a team that I know is competent and can complete the objective but I don’t have a large enough group of friends that I can sit around and play BF3 with.  If you can find yourself a “clan” or a good group of friends to play with then by all means go for it, it’s a great game for that.

Be a team player...

Although BF3 is team based, I love how the “class” system works. You have your basic 4 classes: Recon, Assault, Engineer, and Support. Each class has its own weapons, weapon attachments, gadgets, and ways to help their team.  Medics drop health packs, assault drops ammunition, engineers repairs vehicles and the recon can set a mobile spawn point. Pick what best suits you and continue with it, because when you rank up you unlock more for your class. This is my favorite part about the game; I love how in order to unlock a better scope or a better gun, you have to play and level a specific class. If you are like me, and want a better scope on your sniper, then you will have to play the recon class and earn experience for it.

...Or a lone wolf.

Overall it’s a hard decision for me whether or not I want to buy this game. Well, I want to buy it but, with so many games coming out in the near future [Ed. Note: SKYRIM!!!], is it one of the few games that I’ll end up buying?

Unfortunately, No, I probably won’t buy this game.

Don’t get me wrong — I have played hours and hours of the beta and it truly is a great game, it just isn’t for me.  But don’t let my opinion sway you. Go out and play it for yourself and decide if it’s a game for you.

Battlefield 3 comes out on Oct. 25, 2011, courtesy of EA games. You can see more of the game and preorder it on the official BF3 website here, through EA’s Origin service, or order it through amazon.


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