A quick look at Paranormal activity 3

–By Nick

Last week saw the release of new horror movie Paranormal Activity 3. Some buddies and I went out for the midnight showing at the local XD-ready theater (can I just say that the X-D theaters they have in some cinemas are AMAZING) Being the third movie in a series of spook flicks that have been hyped out the ass, you might be wondering if this movie was any good. Well first some background.

Paranormal activity 3 is actually a prelude to the other paranormal activity films and follows a family of four in 1988. It revolves around the familyof two sisters the previous films were about, but takes place during their childhood, and explains how the horrific events of the first two movies came to be.

As far as how the movie looks, it seems like they’ve seamlessly transitioned from old vhs quality tapes, to regular film quality without the audience noticing, which was a really nice touch. As far as the plot is concerned, if you are expecting to go see a horror film with a deep plot and really well drawn out back stories of all the characters, then you are going into the wrong theater.

What the movie lacks in story, it more than makes up for in spooks. The movie has the same feel as the previous films, just with a higher budget. There’s also an interesting new way of filming that the husband comes up with in the film; he puts a camera on top of a fan, which allows the camera to film 2 rooms at once. This of course lends itself to uniquely creepy moments — waiting for the fan to pan into the one room and seeing something, then pan back to the kitchen, and back again and nothing is there is a clever method of establishing suspense.

So the long and short of it is: this is the same old rodeo you go to every year, but they have some bigger, more expensive bulls this time around. I would recommend going out and seeing this film for all the spooks, but not much else. Still, it’s an entertaining movie.

P.S. Also, in the film there is a symbol that pops up here ant there. They explain it further in the movie (I won’t spoil anything), but when we went out to my buddies car after the movie, someone had put the symbol on his window in ketchup. Check it out!

Paranormal Activity 3 was released on Oct 21, 2011, through Paramount Pictures. For more info and trailers for the movie, you can head to the official website here.


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